Fire safety signs

Just before Christmas there was a terrible fire just outside chester, an old building filled with small businesses went up in smoke. What a total nightmare for all those concerned, no idea what caused it but have been told it was an electrical fault of some kind. This is another reminder of how cruitial it is for everyone to keep on top of health and safty matters, making sure safety signs, waring signs and exit signs are all kept upto date. Traffic signs have since been put up as building unsafe and totally distroyed.

Health and safety should never be over looked. As a chester based but nationwide supplier of safety signs it is always extremely important to stay infront of the game and make sure legislation is being taking into account. The warning signs are extremely important for the emergency services. The chester site where the fire happened was fully covevered by CW & C health and safety executives who has fire safety signs, warning signs, traffic signs and exit signs coming out of their ears.

Cestrian signs have just launched a new web site all health and safety signs, free standing, bespoke signs and banners can be found on this site. If you need any extra information regarding health and safety signs in Chester or nationwide please don’t hesitate to call.