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New health and safety legislation

Well you will be please to hear that the government are changing the rules regarding health and safety signs again. From August 2011 the pictorgrames on safety and warning signs have to be in line with the european standard. Hopefully this won’t mean too many changes to waring signs but I think that general health and safety and frie safety and exit signs will be effected to some extent. all our customers will of cause be kept upto date with the new health and safety signs legislation.
The cut off date for showing the new health and safety wall chart poster is coming around quicker than usual, see our web site for details of the new poster and how you can get yours.
Traffic signs have been another good seller this month, we are doing a buy one get one half price deal at the moment which should help to get some stock shifted and new materials brought in again see safetysignsuk or cestriansigns for more details.
Warining signs are always best displayed wheer they can be easily seen a standard rule of thumb is that if you can’t read it across a room you need it to be larger or more than one on display.

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