Health and safety signs

Cestrian signs and safetysignsuk have resently launched their new web site. The safetysignsuk will now be much more affordable and user friendly. Trafiic signs are easy to find and warning signs couldn’t be easier to locate. Exit signs and fire exit or fire exit safety signs are easy to locate and even easier to order and pay for online using our new payment system which is totally safe.

Over the next couple of months there will be a lot of new images appearing on our web site as the standard which is legal will be changing over to eu standard. We will keep all our customers upto date with any relivant changes with the safety signs and health and safety signs in general. As previously explained these changes do not encompass the entire range of safety signs eg exit signs, or traffic signs will remain the same. Safety signs, warning signs, hazardous signs, fire safety signs and mandatory signs will be effected by these changes.

We will be distributing our new brochures on a cd rom, this helps save trees and reduces our carbon foot print as not using as money trees!

If you would like a new brochure with the ameneded safety signs artwork it will be available at the end of March. If you would prefer a hard copy brochure these are still available but not until the end of June. Health and safety signs are our thing, if you need any extra assistance please don’t hesitate to give us a call, we are always here to help with your health and safety signs.

Safety Signs uk for traffic signs

Traffic signs are essentially a daily routine, everyone who drives on the road has to obey the traffic signs. Whether they are exit signs or just general safety signs including speed restrictions, no entry, or general advice on road conditions or weather restrictions like snow and ice. Health and safety is all about keeping people safe, allowing people to go about their daily business as safely as possible whilst taking into account any warning signs they may come across.
Cestrian signs limited and safetysignsuk strive to help keep people safe on a daily basis by producing good quality accurate safety signs that follow the health and safety signs directive from the executive. Any changes which are enforceable by law are cascaded down to all our customers and changes which require action are high lighted.
Exit signs and traffic signs have changed very little over the last few years however health and safety signs, warning signs and fire safety signs and always being updated to bring them in line with the EU directive, this mainly includes using pictorgrammes and creating a sign which can be recognised all across the eu as being a standard which you don’t have to read the language to understand.
The most recent update to the directive is being pushed through in August 2011. This directive includes the updating of the mandatory signs under the health and safety signs banner an example of one of the changes is that the hard hat pictorgramme put be a side profile not a front profile which was previously standard.

New health and safety legislation

Well you will be please to hear that the government are changing the rules regarding health and safety signs again. From August 2011 the pictorgrames on safety and warning signs have to be in line with the european standard. Hopefully this won’t mean too many changes to waring signs but I think that general health and safety and frie safety and exit signs will be effected to some extent. all our customers will of cause be kept upto date with the new health and safety signs legislation.
The cut off date for showing the new health and safety wall chart poster is coming around quicker than usual, see our web site for details of the new poster and how you can get yours.
Traffic signs have been another good seller this month, we are doing a buy one get one half price deal at the moment which should help to get some stock shifted and new materials brought in again see safetysignsuk or cestriansigns for more details.
Warining signs are always best displayed wheer they can be easily seen a standard rule of thumb is that if you can’t read it across a room you need it to be larger or more than one on display.

Fire safety signs

Just before Christmas there was a terrible fire just outside chester, an old building filled with small businesses went up in smoke. What a total nightmare for all those concerned, no idea what caused it but have been told it was an electrical fault of some kind. This is another reminder of how cruitial it is for everyone to keep on top of health and safty matters, making sure safety signs, waring signs and exit signs are all kept upto date. Traffic signs have since been put up as building unsafe and totally distroyed.

Health and safety should never be over looked. As a chester based but nationwide supplier of safety signs it is always extremely important to stay infront of the game and make sure legislation is being taking into account. The warning signs are extremely important for the emergency services. The chester site where the fire happened was fully covevered by CW & C health and safety executives who has fire safety signs, warning signs, traffic signs and exit signs coming out of their ears.

Cestrian signs have just launched a new web site all health and safety signs, free standing, bespoke signs and banners can be found on this site. If you need any extra information regarding health and safety signs in Chester or nationwide please don’t hesitate to call.