Health and Safety signs coshh

Health and safety signs are at best a very plain but essential part of our daily life. We pride ourselves on not only producing functional signs but also well designed signs. It really doesn’t matter whether it is an exit sign, warning signs or traffic signs the design should be easy to read and ‘nice’ to look at. Recently we have been asked to produce new COSHH signs which include full colour photos, these help break the monotany of Health and Safety signs with out distracting from the message needed to be given.

Traffic signs and stations are also very popular at the moment, with the nights drawing in and visability reducing with the dark winter days these are a good warning sign to passing motorists and pedestrians. Available in two types or reflectivity these safety signs are great and comply with highways standards. New exit signs have just been erected by one of our customers in Chester whi has high volumes of traffic from the highways, these signs also included their logo, telephone and webb address, we print all thin sign information onto clear vinyl and mount onto the highly reflective warning signs. Therefore the customer keeps the health and safety signs as per regulations but also advertises their business to the fullest degree.

Traffic signs need not just be functional they can also be a good advertising tool, and an asset to any business as improves the professional look of the business as soon as the customer turns off the highway.

Fire Safety Signs

A local school has just had a health and safety inspection by the local council and realised that all their Fire safety signs are not upto scratch. The fact that they have been in the building for the last twenty five years has of cause affected the effectivness of the signage, as has the change of use of parts of the building and re decorating and painting over of exit signs by the decorators.
It is always worth doing a health and safety survey every couple of years to check the signs to make sure they are still doing their job. The gem glow or photoluminescent signs only glow for a certain number of years before the chemical becomes inert and so exit signs, fire safety signs and general health and safety signs no longer glow in the dark, rendering them useless if a fire takes hold and the lights go out. Also new legislation means the fire exit signs must have a pictorgram where ever relevant incase the occupant can’t read english or in the case of a child can’t read at all but can follow an arrow and running man.
A basic health and safety work regualtions 1999 leaflet is available from cestrian signs ltd and for those who may find it useful.

Road and Highways Signs

A question that we get asked over and over by our customers is when do I need to use highway regulations for my signs? The simple answer is, if its on the high way not a private road you have to have the highway standard lettering and reflectivity.
Temporary signs are best on the standard stanchions (frames) we have four main types, firstly a single sided stanchion which holds a 450mm x 600mm sign, secondly a double sided stanchion which holds two 450mm x 600mm stanchion, thirdly we have a stanchion which holds a 600mm x 600mm sign and lastly we have the large 1050mm x 750mm stanchion. These stanchions all come with clips free of charge and can hold upto a 3mm thick panel.
Luton airport used the large stanchion sign for a ‘snow plough in us’ directional sign. Chester Zoo use their stanchions for guiding visitors in the busy summer months from the high way onto their car parks.